What We Do

In Detail


The aim of ArtsTechs will always to ensure listening comfort to the entire audience. A balanced, non-aggressive sound and tuned to perfection is key. Should it be for conferences, parties, shows, exhibitions, concerts, ArtsTechs masters all the different sound techniques. Depending on the inevitable constraints of the site or the nature of the event, our team technicians make sure you get the best outcome.

We only work with high quality audio brands such as D & B, QSC, Nexo, Lab.gruppen, Shure, Sennheiser, Yamaha, Pioneer ...


When technique bows down to aesthetics, Arts Techs has the solutions to fit your project’s needs.

Each light source is studied and controlled in all its aspects: size, position, power, color, color temperature ...

From the intimate lighting of exhibitions to the more ambitious concerts, gardens, architectural lighting, our designers study your needs to implement the most appropriate equipment. We work with leading industry brands such as Avolites, Clay Paky, Martin, JB Lighting, Dedolight, HQPOWER, Briteq ...

ArtsTechs is also very aware of the LED technology and, when feasible, integrates it in the various aspects of a project.


You need to see or be seen? Indoor or outdoor, giant projections, led screens of any size for regular conferences or big public events, ArtsTechs offers a wide range of possibilities to assure your message has the desired impact.

Electrical Distribution

ArtsTechs has a large stock of electrical boxes and wiring in accordance with the most recent Belgian and European standards. Power is one of the pillars of your events, it must be reliable in any circumstances. ArtsTechs always makes a complete electrical study and calculates safety margins to provide high level electrical power and great distribution.


To ensure complete safety, ArtsTechs only uses certified equipment and in compliance with the highest standards. ArtsTechs has the expertise to guarantee your project can proceed with confidence.

To integrate the audiovisual solutions in your event environment, decoration and furniture are key elements. ArtsTechs can develop and build elements of decor to allow the technical side to become invisible. Useful communication items can be integrated in theses constructions and they can be branded to your needs (2D,3D logos, corporate colors etc).